1. Energy dependency on russia Veto in the UN regarding the Kosovo That's it.

  2. Why can't they leave the Kosovo people alone already?

  3. Well, we saw what you are doing to the people inhabiting "your land"

  4. Two weeks ago you guys slaughtered hundreds of Armenians, but i'm gonna smile at your face.

  5. It's very strange. There are extremely famous propagandists who should appear far higher on Ukrainian forces lists. No one really knew who Dugina was, neither in Ukraine nor Russia. She wasn't important to anyone(neither her father).

  6. I think welders are needed everywhere and you'll find a job very easily

  7. Fuck yes. Buy a AK in 5.56 just in case we get new suppliers.

  8. So if they find the video to be authentic, the soldiers will be rewarded?

  9. Just got a confirmation from my friend from the borders. They used artillery and mortars.

  10. I just read the whole page, neither Monte nor Markar justify(let alone praise) this. But holy fuck, this thing is horrific. You should mark it as NSFW. I'll never understand why on earth you'd kill someone who is no longer a threat, who is unarmed. It's an act of a coward and a fucking animal.

  11. Meanwhile the Turkish government: Hey, we are restoring an empire here, the population might as well starve a little bit. Hail the Sultan!

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