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  1. Pump shotguns do that. Don’t sweat it.

  2. Find out what they want, help them determine what they really need. Send them a cost estimate. Allow for a couple of rounds of revisions in that estimate. Be realistic. Know your worth. Communicate that anything beyond that will be charged at $XX per hour. Otherwise, the potential for open ended, constant changes for free will consume you.

  3. Woah that changes everything. I do have a range not far from me the sells suppressors, I’m gonna have to ask about this. Thanks!

  4. When you do, check out the different options. For .22, the modular suppressors are great. I have an Energetic NIX that can be used full length, or half length. Still super quiet. The SilencerCo Sparrow is a great full length. So many good options. Don’t buy on price alone.

  5. I’ve been shopping a bit and so far my only criteria is that it can be taken apart to clean. I haven’t seen module ones but that’s very interesting

  6. Energy NIX Mod, SilencerCo Switchback. Check them out.

  7. Seriously looks like something out of Star Wars.

  8. You can see the slit in the seat. I don’t know how, but, they’re in the chair.

  9. Even though it’s a no, for now; it’s very considerate.

  10. Wow. I have never seen anything like that. I’ve had one for years with no problems. I’ll be looking at that pivot point more closely.

  11. Looks real to me. I have one exactly like that.

  12. Absolutely. Very sweet of her. Keep it.

  13. Let it burn til the smoke dissipates and the coals are gray and glowing.

  14. Fucking exhausting. This girl will contradict, argue with and punish you your entire life. Walk away from that shit.

  15. It’d be nice if my cp33 actual fed rounds. Every 1st round is a FTE. I have to pull the mag and then push the round in the chamber to get it to fire properly. Its annoying

  16. I had that problem too. I bought a mag loader for the CP33 on Amazon and only use CCI Mini Mags. Now it runs through magazines without a hiccup.

  17. I went out with a woman who, during the date, told me she had 9 kids ranging from 22 to 3. I got the impression that she only told me because they kept calling her throughout the evening.

  18. I used to do that for my kids after filling stockings.

  19. Been looking for one of those for a couple of years now.

  20. If that doesn’t make her laugh and get a response, move on.

  21. Always noticed it. I’ve wondered why the director didn’t cut it or get another take.

  22. My buddy and I were the first couple of guys through the signature line asking for them to sign the totes. I have mine in a shadow box like that too. I really like the identifier for the signatures.

  23. Last time I saw that word it was spray painted on the side of a green station wagon.

  24. OTFs always have a degree of rattle and movement, except for Hawk Knives.

  25. She’s trying to let you down easy. She may have gone out with someone else that’s a better fit. Or, she’s really not ready. Don’t take it personally. If she didn’t think you were a good guy, she’d have never said anything.

  26. That’s funny. You know you’re going to eventually have both. And more on top of that. The real question is should you get it next?

  27. That’s beautiful, functional and very flattering at the same time.

  28. I was really surprised it cycled. I got my threaded barrel as soon as I saw it was available. Lots of fun with my sparrow and my energetic NYX mod. Even the shot configuration of the NYX is quiet and looks very cool on this little gun.

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