1. If you're ever feeling useless just remember that you're not the Lightning's backup goalie in the playoffs

  2. Europeans be like "I'm not racist btw I only hate people based on their nationality, religion, ethnicity, native language, and occasionally skin colour"

  3. defenceman try not to shove a player into your goalie challenge

  4. Oh yeah you know just gotta keep our game simple uhhhh keep the puck in the opposite end and uhhh you know just keep shooting the puck on him

  5. Might be unpopular but I don’t know why people champion Tree’s videos so much. His takes are consistently way off and he rarely has a solid contribution for team builds

  6. It's an entertainment product for people who might not follow hockey day in and day out

  7. This officiating decision brought to you by DraftKings and Betway

  8. I'm having a great time. All these threads take everything so personal lmao

  9. Mike Smith still in the locker room frantically looking for water bottles to throw at Lucic

  10. I can't believe I'm defending milan lucic running over a goalie but A) Smith turned his back into him at the last second and B) Lucic sees A and tries his hardest to pull up and stop but it's too late to avoid contact

  11. I think any defenseman in the nhl is worth watching haha

  12. mommy look i posted the sex number now all my internet friends will love me

  13. Can't wait for 2BC's reaction to this game.

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