1. If you're going in order to learn, you don't need to bring anything.

  2. "That's a Tunisian crochet hook. They make shorter ones."

  3. I liked living in Hatboro. It's still the burbs, so you'll need a car, but it's got regional rail and its got a lot of walkability on Main St.

  4. nice! i saw the one in the store and wasn't sure if the second story was for early backers only or something.

  5. I think the last email was for all backers. Look for an email from Chris Callicoat.

  6. I believe North American cards are being printed by Drive Thru, so, same quality.

  7. Why does that specific combination matter? I understand the Standard engine, even though Clan XL don't have nearly the downsides, but why do you want to go slower?

  8. Could be looking for that sweet spot of Zombie survivability, but Clan design tends to stop thinking after seeing the XL weight savings.

  9. I know they said "for headshots, get a Marauder", but I don't think this is what they meant.

  10. Don’t know if it’s still up but humble bundle had a pick for like 12-20 bucks to get a bunch of the core books in pdf. If you don’t mind pdfs you could do the 12 option, beginner box 15-20, and another lance box. Would be a decent start

  11. Don't forget that Sea Fox have come up with a way to make working HPG again.

  12. This is part of why I don't think Sea Fox will get involved in anything large scale. Being able to sell to as many parties as possible while maintaining your mobile trader lifestyle and not having to defend worlds or lose materiel seems like a recipe for continued success.

  13. I think this is a pretty nice starting point, but depending on what randoms you get, you'll be doinga but if shuffling. Eg if you get a Phoenix Hawk or Jenner, is be bumping the hoplite and/or blackjack from the far attack lance, as neither is particularly fast.

  14. Both of those are great examples, thanks. Team Banzai especially (what a name) makes it seem like the concept would fit in well with the FedSuns, so I'm definitely leaning more towards the merc route.

  15. And if you haven't, why not enjoy the Peter Weller 1980s cult classic, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension? The folks at FASA clearly did. : )

  16. I don't often look at the other sub, but after the earlier post linked there I looked and saw this take on the comments.

  17. I think that Jeph associates conflict and failure and disappointment with the mental health and substance abuse low points in his life. The patreon has demonstrated to him that whatever he's doing is good enough to give him a six figure income, so he's just going to do that. He doesn't need to include obstacles or hard work or tough times into his characters' lives; they can just fast forward to the happy ending.

  18. You're going to need a Recon Lance, composed of fast mechs

  19. Two for one is a good deal if you want more things to paint.

  20. Yeah, Heinlein's Federation basically meant you had no voting rights and couldn't hold political office if you weren't a military veteran. Otherwise you were still a citizen, not a slave. It was of course a bunch of utopian bullshit, but it wasn't the Yellow Peril uber-Commie dystopia the Capellans got made into. Not that the other military dictatorship dystopian states are much better. XD

  21. Trivets. A cover for your ottoman. Decorative throws. Net bag to hold wax fruit. Stays for your curtains. A crochet version of that cheap cardboard garland that reads Happy Birthday. A wig for your dog. A pad for the front of your keyboard to lean your wrists.

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