1. I actually thought I was just dreaming when I saw the announcement, even after freaking out about it to my friends. But no, we finally have a Kayoko variant! Oh my god, Kayoko has a variant and it's her NY one! Oooh, baby I love youuuuuu! I can't wait! Come on 24k lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. I share in your happiness, man. I just got all my Kokkoros last month too!

  3. Same old, same old. If it gets me horny, I yank it. If it's not...well, I appreciate it and share it. Lewds can be cute, and all that. After all.

  4. Or rocks at sandcastles playing mideval war... Or was that just me.. Two people make sandcastles and take turns throwing rocks at each other's sand castle and the last one standing wins

  5. For my next shot, a catapult of wet sand. This will surely destabilize your castle's infrastructure! Oh, I am such a villain!

  6. Man, I'll never forget Kaoru's. It was so sudden. Live long, Beyblade King.

  7. Switch for portability and the ability to just instantly suspend and pick right up again no matter where I am.

  8. This. Most of my favorite games are currently on PC. I'd love to experience the pure bliss of lying down, playing a Switch game, switching it off and sleeping when I'm tired, before picking it up first thing I wake up.

  9. APEX, surprisingly so. The games I love the most have a lower playtime.

  10. What exactly is a Liberator? I get Ceremonial Dress and Princess to an extent without having to look at the story, but not this one.

  11. So, what are we trying to achieve here? Also, the orange hurts.

  12. WHAT- WHY?! context: that was the first anime I ever watch and in retrospect it was pain

  13. It had eye powers...when eyes were the main body part for powerups!

  14. Why would anyone want ANY ugly bastards to exist ?

  15. What's scary is that the fact it exists means someone wants it. And they want it bad.

  16. My First Girlfriend is a Gal's dub was unhated too. I think.

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