1. Ants check. Two step check. That third one would be up in the air imo.

  2. Hey all one that’s fun and he streams mostly is CHRBRG or Charborg. He does a lot of the RP element of it, he’s actually pretty good but goes for the jokes more so

  3. As I do usually say Dave with no opener.. I found Gary Clark Jr when he opened for Dave. And that was a acoustic/electric 2 set night. T’was a good day

  4. I would really like they just remake the game from 0. The only way to fix all the bugs

  5. Agree. The idea of this game is great but the execution is eh imo

  6. I dont see it on Apple Music or Spotify, ive been checking since midnight - nightshift life lol. Brutal

  7. Dude same. Not even YouTube yet. Twitter, Insta all quiet about it!

  8. Of course. But the that’s nothing to do with this.

  9. “Name me one band with the same level of popularity as DMB with 25+ year history that’s done a surprise release..”

  10. Okay. Apple Music yeah, but we had iTunes. Spotify started in ‘06, had 2 million subscribers in 2011. I ain’t trying to tug on strings. You just asked for a mega experienced band that dropped a surprise album

  11. There was a time when Anthony Banda and Jon Duplantier were our teams best prospects…

  12. He was scheduled to pitch against the Dbacks AT Chase Field for his 300th win but was scratched from that game and ended up playing against WSH. We could’ve even seen his 300th at Chase

  13. Does anyone know the name of the site that evaluates trades? Forgot it's name

  14. Baseballtradevalues.com is the first one to come up for me but there are a few.

  15. What’s scary about him, I don’t think he’s close to being at his fullest! His potential is crazy!

  16. a little off topic with the point of the article, but Mike Hazen seems like a stand up dude

  17. Dbacks fan here. Yeah Mike Hazen is an outstanding person! He had one of the craziest things happen to his family when his wife passed recently and worked his butt off to save a crumbling franchise from the Tony La Russa era. In Hazen we trust!

  18. Hot take that I 100% agree with. Back when SP batted in NL, they always batted 8th for me

  19. On a different note on why to yes violin and no Boyd, Boyd has been battling arthritis since 2014 which severely affects his style of play

  20. Budget your scouting properly. Amateur draft scouting and minor league league scouting could be most beneficial for a good prospect pool in your “rebuild” (or just starting)

  21. Brandon Webb. His sinker was filthy, would’ve helped the dbacks 2011 run I believe

  22. Hi yes that’s me. He is I. If you’d like to talk about a trade/sale DM me!

  23. Okay but wait is this before OR AFTER glasses Rick Vaughn??

  24. Feels like he has been covering Dbacks for decades, anyone know how long?

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