1. it's a copypasta originally about keanu reeves

  2. add an "a" so it's "IMSA win a boost to CGR's Le Mans momentum" no idea why they decided to drop that

  3. Hope one of the German manufacturers try it also. I remembered years ago BMW with its hydrogen 7 series car and havent been paying attention if they went further with it. I think its about time for another German foray into Hydrogen. Could be the spark hydrogen needs to make an explosive impact into motorsports, since youll have two teams(German and Japanese) running it.

  4. Toyota have quietly had the Murai project tooling around. And they seem firmly against going all in on eletric cars.

  5. I tried to show my normie friends that vid and they just didn’t get it

  6. I guess if you don't have context of too many hours of viewing twitch to put this outbreak in, you don't really understand that she's having a certified moment. Are your normie friends gamers? If you don't understand what a trickshot is then the video is going to be hard to get.

  7. There's plenty of tracks out there for WEC, but the most logical would be Daytona. Sebring already had the 12h and the 1000 Miles, it wouldn't be too out of this world to cram the 12H in WEC and 24H in IMSA in two weeks

  8. I haven't heard anybody talking about Daytona. It's supposed to be, from what I've heard, one race in 24 at Austin followed by race/s at Indy road course.

  9. It’d be interesting to know which “top contender for the win” that quote came from. It’s a lot different coming from someone like Porsche/Cadillac than if it’s from Toyota.

  10. It could really be any manufacturer team but Peugeot. I would suggest likely either Ferrari or Cadillac seeing as they took the next most weight?

  11. but the frame is black in the picture and yours is white /s

  12. Agreed. Just a list of homologations and use of jokers would be nice. Wouldn't even have to published more than once in a year since off season is realistically the only time joker updates are made.

  13. I think you can't be sure with Ferrari, they used to do in season development when they made F1 cars pre F1 budget cap

  14. Everyone does that in F1 except in areas where not allowed. The rules don't make it impossible in LMH but very hard due to timing. The approval of joker itself is a months long process.

  15. the WEC app (24H LE MANS TV) and the web portal, FIAWEC.tv, are the same service. You can watch from your PC. It's 13 euro for the Le Mans only package.

  16. You shall be reborn amidst smoke and salt, to wake dragons out of stone.

  17. Well I'll definitely watch it at some point this week but unfortunately you've scheduled the premier to start at the same time as the Spanish Grand Prix.

  18. Question would he if he's a Mercedes employee (German company, based in Germany) of if he's a Mercedes GP employee (British company based in the UK, the one running the F1 team)

  19. It's Dan Paddock. He's a brit afaik. Definitely based with the F1 team, as all of the F1 social media are. Pretty sure Dan travels to races.

  20. Unfortunately the snooze fest won't encourage the viewers to wake up early for more races.

  21. Monaco was good. And qualifying was sensational.

  22. To be fair, Monaco started at 6AM to 9AM depending on time zone whereas Indy and NASCAR were at more reasonable times

  23. We're just going to need to move Monaco to a more US located timezone

  24. Hagerty just smashing it out of the park with this one. 47 minute documentary. per-fucking-fect.

  25. Will they have all the practice and quali sessions, or is there literally no way to get them in the US? I assume they’ll have at least quali of course.

  26. I can't answer that question for you, friend. I am in NZ so I use FIAWEC.tv

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