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  1. Do you have a link to where I can buy this

  2. Why is there a giant penny in there?

  3. I'm too late for this to be likely seen, but I'll type it out as therapy for myself.

  4. I know the feeling of regret of taking loved ones for granted and thinking you’ll get to hug them another time. we were all stupid kids at one point or another, but we both know to love our loved one like it’s the last time we see them. Don’t feel guilty for being a kid at the time

  5. This is gunna get buried but too good of an opportunity to pass up.

  6. We already weren’t getting along, but never escalated beyond minor spats. That is until he put nail polish remover into my facial moisturizer. He denied it when I confronted him of course, I was even accused by my other roommates of putting it there myself.

  7. Now make the tracks parallel and kill them all

  8. Oooo I'll have to save that one. I know some really nice tables that would be perfect to bring food too (or I could bring a quilt).

  9. Picnic at Central Park, or chestnut park or green belt are also good locations

  10. Star Wars: The Rise of Foreskin

  11. Yes. Then proceeded to call mommy for a kiss on his boo-boo

  12. POV: OP just showed you how much of a pussy he is

  13. I bout the 58 dollar one as well

  14. There’s dip attachments at the CrossFit area that you can put on the racks, there’s also a dip machine upstairs by the machine fly machine and indoor track

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