MEGATHREAD: How to watch Love Island outside the UK

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  1. Did anyone else find nathailia annoying? Already?

  2. I thought she seemed lovely. A little nervous so overcompensating.

  3. Seeing Dami in the bottom two literally had me screaming. I could not be happier. Finally the public is showing him what an absolute prick he’s been

  4. If only it could be Luca standing there with him

  5. Snog - Adam and Danica because they're hot and I love Danica.

  6. Is that the ex of four years that he cheated on with one of her friends?

  7. Luca hates Tasha and it’s so evident. Like it’s borderline bullying at this point because how is Tasha riding on Andrew’s coattails when she has been in the bottom anytime she coupled up with Andrew?

  8. Stop angling for the storyline that you want and allow them to unfold more naturally. This season is so forced, scripted and unnatural. It's way too obvious that the producers are only showing the audience the storyline they want, and then not adapting when the story doesn't play out the way you intended. It makes for sloppy, unfinished storylines and plot holes.

  9. Support female contestants and don't stand for misogynistic and downright abusive behaviour from the boys. By allowing it to play out for "drama" you're condoning it. Be f*cking kind. Make a stand for behaviour that's out of line.

  10. Louder for the people in the back 👏👏👏

  11. Sad there’s no option for us unruly Americans to chime in

  12. I'm from NZ and just put in fake UK address lol

  13. Hahahahahhahahahaha wow his post history is genuinely terrifying

  14. This is actually really relatable — pretty sure a guy “friend” of mine did the same thing when he got his first girlfriend. Dated a chick that bared resemblance to me, then proceeded to play games. His now ex-girlfriend would send me weird as videos on his accounts of his hand in specific parts of her body, and rolled footage of like minutes while they drove by my home.

  15. I was at a house party in high school, spent some time in a bedroom with a guy just making out and touching but a few weeks later I found out he told everyone that he fucked me. Everyone doubted whether I was telling the truth and I got called a slut. It was awful.

  16. Coco definitely had an impact in Love Island history to be fair

  17. Deji’s literally only here for the vibes which makes his reaction 10x funnier💀💀💀

  18. Deji shoveling popcorn in his mouth with a shocked expression on his face was a meme

  19. Adam's auditioning for future reality shows already

  20. I’d love to see Danica on one of the dance shows honestly. Girl’s got the energy and the talent!

  21. imagine the scenes if mrs owen walks into the villa on meet-the-family day and says 'gemma i don't approve of this boy'

  22. What's the bet they do a video call into the villa from Gemma's mum so she can give her blessing and LI can get the Luca-Gemma boyfriend-girlfriend proposal they want

  23. I think this is going to be my favourite meme from this season.

  24. Nah she says at about the 35 second mark that the producers knew about her OF when she went into the villa and even got her a publicist to deal with the inevitable leaks.

  25. confused why she posted this video. she says she didn’t get kicked off the show because of her onlyfans. is it just about the double standards?

  26. It was so sad to watch him break down (because it's awful to watch anyone in the midst of a clear mental health crisis) but it made me so mad that he got such a good edit to make people feel sorry for him.

  27. More challenges and games please! Everyone seems miserable. Not miserable in a "I'm watching a train wreck in slow motion buts its fucking amazing and I can't peel my eyes from the tele" kind of way. They all look shattered and it's definitely not fun to watch and it can't be fun for them to live it either.

  28. I think they are close because they have mutual friends and probably have things in common. But I don’t think much will happen, Luca will probably get angry and that’s it.

  29. I honestly think that's it. They have a close mutual friend and run in the same circles so it's natural. He probably likes her, because who wouldn't, but I think it's very much just friends from Gemma's side.

  30. Same except Paige has been out for me for the last week or so

  31. "Boys will be boys" isn't a get out of jail card for toxic behaviour or for hurting people.

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