1. That's where the sponsor of todays video comes in

  2. Wait actually for some reason I thought you were 19, my bqd, but also, wow, they do sound rude, honestly probably not a you problem but a them problem. Have you tried talking to them? Sorry your siblings are like that.

  3. It's for sure a them problem. There's no reason you should be that much of an asshole to your own sibling, especially at that age where he's (hopefully) capable of reason and empathy. Don't take it too personally op, some people are just jerks.

  4. A better question is, why don't kids these days understand the basics of how physical objects work? Too much time online maybe? Will glass break when it freezes? Seriously? Ever heard of bus shelters in Chicago etc? Like seriously kid.

  5. You're kinda right. People put alcohol in the freezer all the damn time

  6. I have a friend like this and I haven’t said anything because he’s kinda shy but I think maybe his nose doesn’t work? His whole House stinks and his clothes stink too. It’s weird

  7. Just tell him, he'd appreciate it coming from a friend. Some people find it really hard to smell themselves so it just goes unaddressed for years lol

  8. I don't think I'm gonna smoke tonight i just dropped my airpods down my vent and can't get them out and I been up for an hour trying

  9. One of my all time favorite movies lmao, school of rock

  10. Just a weird thing to reference out of the blue

  11. I'm a dude but I like survival games too they're my favorite. I've been playing rimworld a lot lately I love that game. War crimes ftw

  12. The fact you miss it speaks for itself pal

  13. I got you: add Bones to the mix. Some of my favorite songs of his to trip to are as follows:

  14. I fuckin love bones. When I first heard him I thought his voice was a little too deep to sound good. But it really grows on you and now he's my favorite artist lmao

  15. If you're in the states it is legal. It's basically the new medical marijuana

  16. I love teaching and watching new people try to use fl studio lmao good times

  17. "Put the gun up to my head, pull the trigger now I'm dead"

  18. i wonder if it’s tied to bohemian rhapsody since that exact line is in B.R.

  19. I've thought it was cringy in that song too lmao

  20. Honestly scared tf out of me stating the title as a fact lmao

  21. Game camera angle footy isn't worth uploading. Doesn't look good to anyone but you

  22. Because everyone else is agreeing with you. You have the iq of a piece of bread

  23. Yes because what the majority agrees with is always correct, I forgot

  24. Uhh what? This must be at too high of a dose, right? Why would anyone do this?

  25. Same reason people watch horror movies and go to haunted houses I guess

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