1. 1.lfl 2.chemtrails 3.Norman 4.paradise 5.honeymoon 6.tunnel 7.ultraviolence 8.btd 9.bb

  2. You left out aka lizzy grant.

  3. 1.Btd-paradise edition 2.NFR 3.ultraviolence 4.chemtrails 5.BTD 6.honeymoon 7.ocean blvd 8.BB 9.AKA

  4. You left out lust for life.

  5. Requests are not only for pics. Yes, majority of them on the sub are for pics, but they are also used for asking about people's socials / information, such as pit crew members or other associated people. At other times, it is also good for confirming if there is any content of the person in question at all.

  6. Bearded guy: “Sister fucker” Woman: “ We’ve got the entire family in the car” Camera guy: “I’m gonna blow your asshole and you are your sister’s cock old man” Bearded guy: “Spits”

  7. He's saying cock to your sister, in other words, fuck your sister.

  8. He says “Pan di lun teri” which is “Your sister’s Cock” if he’s said “Pan nu lun teri” or “Teri pan nu lun” then it’d be be “Fuck your sister” my punjabi is on point.

  9. Your sister's cock doesn't even make sense, not only in Punjabi nor in any other language. 'Di' and 'nu' are interchanged depending on the dialect spoken. If he actually did want to say your sister's cock, it would be "pen da lun". See, that doesn't mean anything as women don't have cocks. This phrase is always meant to say fuck your (inster mother / sister).

  10. Your posts are priceless! Those info posts are very important and take a lot of time to be written!

  11. Thank you! Yep, took me a lot of time comparing sources and adding/removing tracks. Especially this one. I believe Post era has the most number of songs than any other era.

  12. Exhaustive too. If there's a version out there, it is on here.

  13. Please rank the others too for your vote to be counted.

  14. No one really hates it and it is by no means a bad album. When 10 albums are being ranked, one has to take the bottom spot, and it more often than not goes to Volta. That doesn't mean it is hated, just that other albums are loved a tad bit more. For most people, the horn section is the issue, it can be jarring to listen if one is not familiar with that type of sound. Björk overdid it in a way. There's a reason we don't come across it in most musical genres apart from classical. It takes a bit of innovation to make it sound really good, Jenny Hval has achieved that in a couple of her songs. Check out her song Female Vampire.

  15. just going to copy and paste my response since this topic comes up so much

  16. I agree with all of that but this part:

  17. Check the sub, she was with her brother at a tattoo parlor prior to the show.

  18. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly why but I've always found Fred Armisen to be just really unfunny. He just seems like a guy you'd see at a local improv show, but for some reason he's famous.

  19. I thought the same until I started watching 'documentary now!' and the snl skits with him and Hader. I hated him back when he was on snl and now I think he's really funny.

  20. I highly recommend watching Portlandia.

  21. The guy at a local improv show does not have Fred's comedic timing or his incredible acting skills. Watch Portlandia if you haven't yet.

  22. It hurts watching Jimbo flop at every lipsync! 😥 It's her kryptonite. At this point, I think she's the only queen across the drag race franchise we can be sure of will certainly lose a LSFYL, unless it is a very, very specific song which caters to her talent. Someone said that AS8 will be known as the Jimbo show after it is over a few weeks ago, and with each passing episode it certainly seems that'll be the case.

  23. Check out previous lessons:

  24. That's Mother Beejork, Queen of the Bjärbs, Lord of the Vespergays, Saviour of the Fagurts and Protector of the Vulnicunts.

  25. I personally adore volta but prepare for a bit of a chaotic first listen! The album is very experimental but has some of my favorite bjork tracks such as Vertebrae by vertebrae and I see who you are.

  26. I wouldn't recommend to start with Debut, but with Post-Homo-Vespertine.

  27. Starting with Debut makes sense if the listener wants to experience Björk’s musical journey and understand her sound.

  28. You're missing out on Biophilia and Vulnicura.

  29. This is every guy in the WalMart fishing section with a Let’s Go Brandon sticker on his car

  30. In the credits for the song, the instruments mentioned are Accordian; Clavichord, Organ [Pipes] and Glass Harmonica. No Cello at all.

  31. I thought glass harmonica was only in All neon like, and that accordion was only at the end of Bachelorette. At the end of Unravel though the pipe organ is pretty easy to hear. Are these credits of the song or of the album?

  32. It’s primarily homophonic (that is to say, one dominant part, i.e. Björk, with accompaniment, i.e. the sax, organ, and synth). When Björk is overdubbed singing a second part against herself, then it’s polyphonic.

  33. There is no sax in the song. It's an accordian.

  34. Oh yes, you're right! I just searched 'Qmart' on Deezer and got nothing, but if you search for '808 State Ex:el' you do get it. And Hvít er borg og bær is there too. I took out those two lines.

  35. Not sure about other platforms, but on Spotify you can search the titles and find them.

  36. You got some of them! The important ones haha. Though they have never been available digitally as far as I know…

  37. If you are in the US, you may have all of them missing. I submitted the ones missing for me, a lot of the remixes from Debut, Post and Homogenic are available for me. I do know a lot more which are missing, but OP stated that they could only help with ones released by OLI and not the ones by Elektra or Mother Records, or Promo releases.

  38. Not even any indie, folk or chamber albums are similar to Vespertine?

  39. There is an indie artist - Colleen who experiments a lot with music boxes and music textures. Check out her album, The Weighing of the Heart.

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