1. Sounds like Liverpool is being sold though, no? I'm an arsenal supporter and have been for 10 years, I'm yet to experience premiership glory during my time but really hoping this is the year.

  2. They’re shopping the club, yes. But the lack of investment in the team over the last few years has been detrimental to say the least.

  3. Which is funny because it's common for Red Sox fans to claim the ownership is spending all their money in Liverpool and have lost interest in the Sox. Which isn't the case, I don't know that I'd want another ownership group from a baseball perspective. Sounds like Liverpool need a change though

  4. There were around 8 million z flip/fold 4 sold this year. If everyone's phone was breaking without any cause, it would have already made headlines (YouTube or a compilation of reddit posts presented as an article aren't really headlines). When things go wrong, people talk about them, but when they are okay they don't (at least not usually). Things break, specially glass slabs, and even more when you add moving parts to them. It's definitely not as durable as your regular smartphone, but I also don't think it's that delicate. Been using mine without a case 80% of the time and has been fine, but I also take care of my stuff.

  5. Do you happen to k ow total flip3 vs. flip4 sales? I'm super curious.

  6. I'd be curious to see how many flip4s have sold. It feels like there are a lot more 4s out there than 3s, in which case you're going to see an uptick in issues but the rate in which these phones break is likely the same as the 3. Just hazarding some assumptjons and a guess.

  7. Yeah, I was paranoid about it until the first drop. It was fine, dropped a few more times and is fine. I do believe alot of the issues come from the first batches. I got mine much later

  8. I got mine maybe a week or two after it was released, so I'm not sure sure about that. Mine has taken several falls in all manner of situations: closed, open, high, low, on the hinge. It's held up very well.

  9. Abigail gonna ward off shit with her sword, not mint. Funny enough, I love them both

  10. Scarlet and Violet are fantastic. 30+ hours in and the framerate issue is so overblown in this subreddit. It's a great experience.

  11. I'm going to second this, I'm having a blast with scarlet. The frame rate and technical issues are fairly easy to look past. Things Skyrim already handed us back in the day, lol.

  12. Actually it is. Rest in Power is generally used for the black and LGBTQIA+ communities, but basically to me feels like it is appropriate for any community that has to scrape and claw for power, respect, representation, etc ...

  13. It's totally possible. I'd rather then just really flesh Johto out, Kanto has been done to death. Even Ash notes that in the sun/moon series

  14. I got this one for mine, no hinge cover but also doesn't have that foggy look you're looking for. I've been using it since the beginning of September and I'm very happy with it

  15. Search for "full screen apps" and then there is a toggle for each app, you can just flip the switch for minecraft

  16. In real life, I'm a dad sitting in bed with my 5 year old son helping him make his trainer and pick his pokemon. I definitely wish there was a dad and it does make me feel kinda sad there isn't a presence like that in the games, but after maybe 10 minutes of gameplay it ceases to matter, so maybe I just get over it.

  17. Even if you do have a dad its just be an extra 5 minutes of text ala ruby and sapphire.

  18. Yeah this is exactly why it is the way it is. But pokemon is global now. We've had the US twice, England, France, now Spain - get with it.

  19. I'm going to say world building but all these things are strengths. But the world building is what made me love Korra and has me so jazzed for the future of the franchise. I'm hooked.

  20. Oh snap, does that make a difference? I'm on scarlet digitally.

  21. I genuinely don't know. Are you having major issues with Scarlet digital?

  22. Studderibg frame rate a bit but nothing really of note, certainly no major issues

  23. It's gonna be rough for a few days, I wasn't even able to download the game for a few hours let alone play.

  24. Agreed. This one has me in tears from laughter almost every time 🤠

  25. I was in stitches the first time I saw it..we were watching as a family but everyone was running around and so there was chaos all around me as I sat and watched it basically by myself. When it was over I looked around and everyone missed the episode, so I forced my wife to watch it after the kids went to sleep so she could understand it's genius.

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