1. Here's comment #15 mentioning there bears in response to wherebears

  2. Congratulations... you are the fourteenth person to mention therebears in response to wherebears

  3. Ah shoot I forgot to do my cnc programming thing

  4. I don't even care as long as it's an actual non-bedsheet flag

  5. Tire cages help you not die if it explodes violently. Empty tires are freaky and all, but once compressed air enters the show you're basically making bombs

  6. Yeah, I work at a tireshop and this was a image I stole from the online learning

  7. In highschool out autos class teacher told us about the time we got the tire changing maching serviced. The first thing the guy did when he got to it was to look at the ceiling to look for dents.

  8. Flesh toaster: will wither and decay, but it's easier to replace than a real pure toaster

  9. I tried one that was supposed ti be full heavy armor and restoration

  10. I noticed today that I see only one girl my age once a week and I forgot her name

  11. It’s the year it was minted or printed

  12. Shoutout to the story I read in highschool written by a drafted US soldier in Vietnam

  13. Wake up at 5 am, it'll solve all your problems.

  14. I got my grandma's car for free and it was pretty cool

  15. Depends on the major. I majored in psych with a concentration in criminal psychology. I spent most of my time high and dicking around with friends/hooking up with people. I graduated a semester early.

  16. In my 2nd semester of Sophomore year right now and… yeah…

  17. My band had a white fiberglass sousa, the sock had the school's initals/logo on it. Apparently that's an uncommon thing

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