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  1. Sometimes the solution is so simple that few people remember or bother to read

  2. Or you know, peoole are playing decks that can't summon him easily

  3. Nowdays is more manageable since we have cards like Small World, Ready/Instant Fusion, Downbeat and Trasmodify. But I agree if you, as the use of many slots for a very specific counter can clog most of decks

  4. You can also use Proxy F Magician to fusion summon from your field

  5. The best part is when it starts looking like the Infernity player somehow plused more than you did mid-combo.

  6. By my experience, Infernity can really mess the oponent's Maxx"C" if built to loop, an ideal field ends with Apollousa with 4 materials, Savage Dragon with 4 counters, Void Ogre, Red Dragon Abyss, Infernity Archfiend, 3 Barriers and 2 breaks/1 break 1 suppression.

  7. I am sure Infernities is why HOTP effects is the norm nowadays

  8. Probably, since the newest Infernity cards are HOPT. Think about if Return of The Reaper hadn't this restriction how degenerate it would be.

  9. From your hand, you can look for cards like Twin Twisters to destroy backrow, Apprentice Illusion Magician to gain possible tribute fodder

  10. The most dangerous type of player, the one who know the rules and can read...

  11. Welcome to the state of Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! since 2003

  12. It's rare to meet someone who knows how this game has been degenerate since ever, when the meta was about almost unstoppables FTKs or OTK.

  13. You can, this effect will not trigger only if you banish it facedown through cards like Pot of Desires.

  14. Thanks. Follow up question and last question. Tri-brigade says (1 monster that lists fallen of Albaz) does this mean if the text has the name ‘FOA’ such as springans kitt can then be added to hand? Sorry I’m big noob

  15. Yup, this apply in this case too. This effect also include Albion,Albaz the Ashen, The Golden Soul, Incredibble Ecclesia and Red Cartesia(OCG)

  16. It's a children's card game chill tf out lol.

  17. Sometimes people just forget about this, if someone just play to get stressed or complain, it's time to find another hobby

  18. As main dish I also would like some Infinite Impermanence and a Nibiru for my kids/field

  19. It's up to your style, both are strong and fulfill diferent functions

  20. It's quite normal a board like this in a D/D deck. I like to end it with D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon to gain target immunity, but you did a good job

  21. Games last long because animations are slow af. They sped up the reveal animations but still feels slow af and those mobile users with connection icon is insta scoop for me not worth your time.

  22. The real life version is even slower since both players must interact, allow the opponent to shuffle after every search, announce when change phases. Compared with this, Master duel is very fast paced

  23. You can try boosting the search consistence with Where Arf Thou, it can search any level 1 monster as long you have a level 1 on your field. Also if you want to stall and buy time, there's Zerozerock, your opponent cannot attack a monster in atk position which has 0 atk

  24. Infernity smirks before it was cool

  25. I alread live in Brazil, pain peko...

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