1. I see what you mean, but mentioning that you do it when the post is asking how to obtain old games is basically promoting it or could be interpreted that way by mods. (Not that I disagree with the recommendation)

  2. Okay, but they're doing that anyway. Nobody is fooled by their little code.

  3. Yeah idk, I think you're overthinking it. It's against the rules often so people are erring on the side of caution. I bet we've thought more about this in this thread than the whole rest of commenters. Not everything is that serious.

  4. Yes and no. It is highly dependent on how you played 2016.

  5. Rapid weapon switching can basically multiply your damage output. It can get pretty crazy.

  6. Yeah I played the game. That's what I'm complaining about. See my other post for details.

  7. Now I don't know if any of you are history buffs...

  8. That will be what will happen because no one has goods to buy or sell anymore because they’re not moving anywhere.

  9. Good. Slavery isn't cool. We already fought a war over that.

  10. While I think they might be an interesting couple, I kind of like how this is one of the few shows without a romantic subplot gracelessly shoehorned in.

  11. Definitely S1e06. Everyone’s response to the beeps is hilarious. One of my smoke alarms was out of battery yesterday, giving that exact same beep. Had me in stitches all day.

  12. Matt acting like it's the drop in a dubstep song really gets me. I love how he had the timing memorized, even when it's unpredictability was getting everyone else

  13. I have a soft spot for Nathan (the cannibal) and all of his cannibalism puns. I think S02E05 has by far the most of this. I love the fact that he turned out to be an emotionally intelligent person with plenty of good ideas, so much so that some people completely overlook his cannibalism.

  14. Him being assaulted did seem to be the tipping point for Matt

  15. Ugh, I’m so so sorry to hear that. I’m hoping for the best for you and your parents. I’m so glad you’re using art in hard times. It’s a really beautiful thing to do. Thank you so much for opening your heart to Station Eleven. If Patrick Somerville were here, he’d thank you too.

  16. Big fan of this conversation. 🙂. And Kite Man— it resonates so much that you’re spending your time and your imagination doing this. It’s humbling all over again, like it was watching Dan make it. On top of that— this specific piece of music was and always needed to be like REALLY special, because of where it settles in 107. Shooting out of order as we did, and this posting out of order, Dan had to somehow find the heart of the show itself FIRST, honestly before I had, which is pretty much an impossible thing to ask of a composer, and this is what he brought back when we asked that of him. Just as is true of 107 as a whole, I’m pretty sure making this episode, and also hearing Dan’s incredible piece so early, actually gave us an emotional Rosetta Stone for the rest of the series. Things felt hopeless for some weeks in there, but then… Dan made this. So I dunno. Getting to be there and even play a little on it is about as close to a holy feeling that I know about. I don’t know what else to say… I’m grateful you shared this, because it’s more than just a piece of music to me. Thank you for keeping it alive by remaking it.

  17. What's the game showed towards the end, with the drummers?

  18. Does he actually do this in a particular episode? S1 finale?

  19. Get me a jury. Show me how you can say "in July", and I'll go down on you.

  20. It’s not chocolate milk, it’s “chocolate drink”. Instead of milk, it’s whey protein and corn syrup. So it’s a cheap alternative dairy beverage invented as a way to market whey protein- before it became so popular as a workout supplement.

  21. Why tf are devs using this shit only to stop few hundred people from „stealing“ the game and make in unplayable for the people who actually pay?

  22. Regarding puzzles needing guides—I really think it would be great if developers eased up on the handholding in general, or gave an option for it.

  23. Restaurants removing smoking areas was the second greatest change of my lifetime after TV comedies removing laugh tracks.

  24. This reminds me of the person who I hated the most in my dorm at college. Midway through junior year, the dorm developed a rat problem. Droppings in the common areas, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. A few people saw them in the basement pathways and rooms. The dorm council goes to student housing, student housing responds and sets up traps throughout the hall to catch them.

  25. Anyone else think of Darius and his jollof being bought out for a food truck in Atlanta, when it came to the one-day Nigerian restaurant? And what Sam finally opens one of his own, it felt like the inverse of the same situation.

  26. Capcom aw ya'll selling codes like the degenerates you are. Too bad they can't crack down on people cracking the beta on PC.

  27. That doesn't let us play against other people online...

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