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  • By - Rojom

  1. I started lifting only this month so I am still appreciating my newbie gains. I have been hitting PRs most sessions and yesterday did it on all my lifts :)

  2. Yeah thats true. Maybe I've just burned myself out. Also forgot to mention I had covid a couple weeks ago, so maybe theres some lingering effects there as well. Thanks for the response.

  3. You should see a doctor to discuss then, Covid affects people differently and people can sometimes need more time to recover

  4. Towel on the mat helps to soak it up! Otherwise you can wipe down your face and arms afterwards so you don’t drip before stepping over others mats etc.

  5. Saying the same thing here. Even those of us who are used to migraines should go to the ER if something really different happens.

  6. My mum suffered stroke but didn’t go to hospital as she thought it was a migraine (she’s ok) it a lesson we all need to take on board.

  7. i love their notebooks. ghosting doesn’t bother me and actually makes me feel more like my notebook is being used. i love seeing all my writing and the lightweight feel of the paper

  8. Such a beautiful and moving song from an equally moving and beautiful film

  9. I found 7 snails! (and love the art and the details)

  10. I have been Journaling since I was six, though I don't have most of them from growing up because my mom read them and I threw them away. I couldn't stay away from pens and paper. I love the sensation of a pen gliding across a paper and the creation of words. My first diary was a Minnie Mouse lock and key, pocket size. And I think what really drove me to beg for that one was the fact that my first grade teacher told me that my writing skills were poor and there was no need for me to bother writing extra. Mrs. Stegman was a hateful broad and I hope she is still drowning in student loan debt.

  11. This is so common with parents doing this.. I am glad you didn’t get put off journaling

  12. Might I ask what legal career? I was thinking about employing foreign language in some law related field, but don't know how to go about that.

  13. If there is a strong community that speaks that language in your area basically most areas of law for boutique firms but also immigration law tends to have a lot of bilingual lawyers.

  14. Try getting mental health services. Almost impossible. I had a child refusing school. The problems built up before the lockdown and refusal to go back was due to the fact they were being assaulted and bullied beforehand. The school immediately jumped on the “it’s due to the lockdown” and didn’t want to acknowledge the facts.,I think for some children it gave them respite from problems they were already experiencing.

  15. This was my first thought too. If they like school they will go, something else is up.

  16. Talk, talk, talk - seek out hobby groups where people can’t speak English. Speak as little English as you can while there. Make some friends to correspond with online after you leave.

  17. By definition they're low risk actually, due to the lack of serious illness in children.

  18. Holy fuck stay home even if it isn't covid. A cough, the sniffles, I hated all that BEFORE covid and I hate it even more now.

  19. You need to just keep being supportive and affirming your love for her. It might be the case she will want to get the excess skin removed but maybe don’t let that come from you as that will reaffirm her anxiety that you don’t find her attractive anymore. Just be supportive and help her through this

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