1. On which way did it end? Amicable? Disastrous? Are you still in contact? Or no contact/nc? Low contact/lc?

  2. I would say more towards amicable. We dated for 2.5 years and broke up in February. She has some mental health issues such as BPD and bi-polar and was starting to hate that she couldn’t get it under control and would lash out at me, etc and decided to end it to try figure her stuff out. I somewhat pleaded with her but eventually told her I understand. We talked occasionally for another month until eventually we kinda just stopped talking to one another in March and haven’t talked since then. Still have eachother on Instagram and such.

  3. Tot ce au spus ceilalți înainte, plus că societatea se așteaptă să spui că VAI CE FRUMOȘI SUNT COPILAȘII MEI CÂT DE MULT ÎI IUBESC etc, dar, nu este cazul mereu din câte cam observăm în anumite cazuri.

  4. Alert, this message will be mostly gibberish if you're not familiar with terms used in blindness related contexts.

  5. Braille. I was denied access to it as a kid even though I was struggling to read print. There’s no reason not to teach a kid braille and I’ll be salty about this until the day I die.

  6. Kids nowadays don't like braille a lot from what I observed, though. What do you think about that?

  7. Audio description on movies and in movie theaters. Would have made the movie going experience much more enjoyable and inclusive back then.

  8. Did that change you going to the movies and so on? Do you go more often now?

  9. I’m trying to learn Hungarian, so we can exchange if you wish

  10. First of all, I want to commend you for seeking help and being proactive about your situation. It takes courage to reach out and share your struggles with others.

  11. Time - have dinner with them and get them to tell you about their lives. You'll wish you had found out more when they're gone.

  12. Hey, sorry I answer this late, I forgot I posted this. But anyway thanks for your answer! :)

  13. Hey, sorry I answer this late, I forgot I posted this. But anyway thanks for your answer! :)

  14. I agree with the other people that commented. But.…isn’t it 13? Like...38-25...but don’t mind me. If you’re happy it’s ok. If he’s not abusive, etc you’re safe I think.

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